Adhesive Blue 1,95 - 2,25


Self-adhesive special printing blanket for conventional printing machines with, 2-piece cans, labels, or others

  • Excellent for conventional inks or varnishing
  • Thicknesses available from 1.95 – 2.25mm thickness, without protection foil
  • High dimensional stabilityavoids retightening
  • Resistant against conventional inks and washlotions
  • Excellent ink transfer and dot sharpness
  • Low dot gain, high dotsharpness
  • Very strong adhesive applied during hotlaminate process with pressure
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Technical Data


Color: blue

Surface hardness:
62° Shore A

Total hardness:

78° Shore A


0.6 – 0,8µm (RA)

Thicknesses available (withoutprotection foil):

1.95 - 2.25mm   +-0.02mm

Compressibility at 1350KPa:

0,200mm +-0,020

Protection Foil:  yellow

Siliconized paper

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