Glossmaster Air

For UV and waterbased coating


Polyesterbased varnish plate for offset printing

  • With specially compressible layer, to reduce vibration strips while varnishing
  • Very good to use with UV-varnish or waterbased-varnish
  • Very resistant against dust build-up
  • Only available in thickness of:  1.15mm
  • Highest resistance against delamination
  • Perfect to use with manual cutting or with CAD plotters
  • Very high stripping depth, against build upof varnish on the edges
  • Good coating transfer, low ink build-up andlong washing intervals
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Technical Data


Color:  black

Surface type:

Surface hardness:
48° Shore A

Total hardness:

80° Shore A

Compressibility at 1350 kPa:  

1,15mm        0,100


0,35mm Polyesterfoil

Nominal thicknesses (Stripping depth):

      1,15 mm (0,80 mm)

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